Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Link Between Creativity and Eccentricity...I Told You.

Schumann, they say, believed Beethoven, long-dead, was channeling music to him. Ai Wei Wei insisted on stating the dangerous - long after it became obvious that things would get ugly.

Ah...creative minds - so rarely tidy...Psych Central talks here about research showing tangible, physiological links between "creativity" and a reduced ability to filter the noise and irrelevance around us - seeing relevance everywhere. Some one wrote a (long) comment to the article asking who's really crazy, the person who throws herself into her thankless art, or the person who hates his job. Hmmm.

The Link Between Creativity and Eccentricity

If Beethoven were sending you music, what would you do? Would you have the nerve to play it, write it, paint it, build it, expose it, suggest it, eat it, perform it, set fire to it, sing it? Maybe he is. Can you hear?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lomography: Shooting from the Really Hip

Confessions Of An Editor - Nights Out from Lomography on Vimeo.

Imagine the surprise of the LOMO Russian Arms and Optical Factory when it invented the LOMO Kompact camera with such superior optics that the heartbreakingly clear shots of dams, train stations, and missile silos caused agents to find each other in gloomy naves, sunny parks, and busy cafes, dropping small packets into baby carriages, sliding them under their Figaro's, and dropping them into raincoat pockets of the man facing west on the Dneiper Bridge murmuring code like, "Lo-fi grain," "Beautiful light leak," and "Contrast and saturation, comrade, contrast and saturation."

Some say it was the warmth of this little camera that melted the Cold War, that put shooting from the hip in a better light.

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