Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bike the Planet with Sustrans

Walk, cycle, or sustainably trans-it 'round the planet with Sustrans, the people who made walking, cycling, and sustainably transporting around the UK a reality.

It's Sustran's virtual globe-trek called Change Your World.

They're going round the world, 25,000 miles, they've gone 18,181 miles as of this minute which puts them somewhere in the Bering Sea, and they've 31 days to go. People pledge their journeys. These are small trips - just popping out to the shops or down the lane, catching the train, or walking the dog.

Join them: if you're going anywhere by foot, bike, or public transport, really make the trip, join the movement, pledge your mileage here.

Heroic Sustrans are the Bristol-sprung people who, with a rather wobbly start in 1975 (!) made it possible to bike and walk from the English Channel to John O'Groats, along the length of Hadrian's Wall, down the Thames, or off to the pub in Woolton, Liverpool.

Since 1975, Sustrans has developed 12000 miles of traffic-free walking and cycling paths, quiet, art-filled, biodiverse lanes and on-road cycling routes passing within a mile of over 55% of the population taking them to schools, shops, businesses throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Get a move on.

Love You Virtually All

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