Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spam in Autumn

Stewing in Doldrum Summer Spam of Senior Dating, Genie Bras, DailyCandy, and people who want to put $1500 in my bank account, I've just gotten "Stick for Ice Cream Wooden stick for ice cream, medical stick and stick for coffee (Birch, alder) Origin- Ukraine 94x10x2, 114x10x2, 150x16x2." Clicking, you can smell the Taiga. It's the Spam of Autumn. Like tendrils of airconditioning along your bare legs in summer. As I click "Delete," Siberian tigers are listening to the chainsaws, horse sleds are hauling bouncy birch and alder corpses waving their beautiful arms to the mill and on to the new global marketplace.

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